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1954 - the year I was born!
The 1950´s

The Webring "50-talisterna" has got members born i the 50´s. For more than a year ago I, Gunilla from Arkhyttan , started to look for sites owned by women born in 1954. I found PiaMi from Gotland , and she encouraged me to collect url:s of siteowners from the 50´s. In November 1999 we where seven women of 1954 and 56 siteowners born in the 50´s. It was time to start a WebRing and Marie från Göteborgsområdet is helping me to administrate the Webring.


List of members of the Webring "50-talisterna".

All sites are in Swedish, but you can find some in an English version - they are marked with "in English" in the list and collected on this page:
"50-talisterna" Homepages in English



You find the women from 1954 here:
Kvinnor födda 1954

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