1954 - The year I was born


I found this events in "Diana bildreportage 1954":

Cars from 1954

Eclipse of the sun, 30 June.

Total solar eclipse for 151 seconds. The south of Sweden was dark.

Nuclear power
13 july:

The first Nuclear power station was started in Stockholm.

Abolishing of Ration book for wine and spitits, 21 May

This system was started to prevent abuse of alcohol. The ration was a matter of judgement. The Ration Book - "Motboken" was required to buy wine and spirits. Married women, youths younger than 25, homeless people and people who had drank and committed an offence did not get a Ration book. Unmarried women could get a Ration book after special examination.
In the beginning of 1914 there was a maximum ration of 12 litre spirits per person and quarter of the year. Later it was raised to 16 litre. As a connection of The First Worldwar they inaugurated critical state restrictions and maximum went down to 2 litre.
After many years political discussions and investigations the Swedish parliament - Sveriges Riksdag decided to abolish the Ration book the 1st of October 1955.



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