The fifties


Some events

Source: "Seklet i bilder".

The final of the Football World Championship in Stockholm in 1958. Sweden and Brasil was playing in the final. The picture shows Nacka Skoglund kicking the ball. Sweden got the silver medal.

I remember in 1957 when we where standing in the window looking at the sky. We saw the "Sputnic" moving like a star.
"Sputnik" means travelling companion. Sputnik 1 was sent out in the space by Soviet the 4 of October 1957. The Satellit looked like a ball and the weight was 83 kg. Sputnik 2, with the dog NLajka, was sent in November the same year. The weight was 508 kg.

Oncel Sven - Farbror Sven
Sven Jerring vas a radioreporter. He had a program for children called Children's Letterbox - Barnens Brevlåda. It started in the 40´s and continued in nearly 50 years.

Lloyd was our first car. It was made by Hansa-Borgward in Bremen. It was called "The Luxury Moped-" and people said: "Look at Sweden from the main roads verge - go by Lloyd!"

Testpictures on the Television

In 1958 my parents bought a black second-hand Volvo PV 444, E-model. It was driven 4500 mil. The next PV was called Olivia, an olive-green PV 544. 1962 they bought a new green Amazon, it was an estate car and they paid 17 300 Kr (a little bit more than a half year salary).
Thomas Näsström has got a site about PV 444 L/LS -57

GB:s Ice-cream from 1964.

GB:s Ice-cream from 1964.

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