Who is Gunilla?


I was born in 1954 and lived in Lillhärdal and Sveg in Härjedalen until I was 10 years old. We lived in Lund 1964-1968, in Sveg 1968-1970 and in Gävle 1970-1976. As newedicated teacher I moved to Bjursås in Dalarna. I married, got two children and lived in Falun, Smedjebacken and Ornäs. In nearly 9 years I was living in Luleå in the very north of Sweden. Since summer 2000 I´m back in Dalarna again.


I worked as a teacher for 16 years and as a science teacher at The House of Technology - Teknikens Hus in Luleå for 5 years. In December 1999 I became a System- and Application developer and am now working at Banverket in Borlänge.


My two children, Elin 19 och Åsa 17. I'm very proud of my daughters.

Mats och Gunilla
Mats is my man and best friend.
This picture was made by me when we just had met,  3,5 years ago.
Together we produse pictures and art.


Mats has got two sons, Tobias och Joel. Tobias lives and works i San Diago USA. We do not se him very often. Joel lives with his mother in Umeå but vist us often.

Our dog, Bubba.


My thoughts

It is very exciting trying to express myself using the computer. I like art, to read and write.

I wrote a diary, Bröstdagbok when I got breast cancer.

Some of my thoughts (in Swedish)are written in my Book of thoughts Gunillas Dag- för Dagbok,  Hus- och hunddagbok, Tankebokand in "mina ord" - "my words".

The 50´s

There are only a few women in my age with their own sites. I've found 6 women born in 1954 with their own sites.

You can find us here:

I've found quite many people born in the 50´s with their own sites. I started the webring "50-talisterna" after collecting url:s on a site for more than a year. We where then more than 50 persons. You find us here:

I think our sites are a bit different from the younger. We've got less cool effects and focus on a bit different things.
I've collected interesting facts from the 50´s on The 50´s and 1954.

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